Andrew’s Custom Woodwork started in 2016 and am based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I have been wood working since I was young and started getting ideas of what needed to be built when I couldn’t find the key features needed in the items available. So, I began wood working and never looked back. That’s when I knew that wood working was for me.

Ever since I started creating handmade projects it was always about custom work. What can I do that just isn’t out there yet? Before I knew it my hobby was turning into a business. All my family and friends were asking if I could build certain items for them that they couldn’t find in stores. That is when I noticed that there was a need for my particular skills.


Why do I do what I do? 

I have had a decent amount of jobs and they have all been in different fields but wood working remained a hobby. One day that all changed. It started with tea boxes. A family member asked me if I could solve the problem of having all these different cardboard tea boxes in the cupboard. So I did. I made a wooden box that you could leave on your counter and it was a hit. Before I knew it I had multiple people asking me for the exact same tea box. Now I have expanded into building different items and it continues to expand. The love of creating something new is what drives me forward.

My Principles :

  • Customer Satisfaction – When I create a project, I strive to ensure that when I am done, you are delighted with it. I am vigilant to make certain my clients receive quality products.
  • Build it Pretty, Build it Strong – All of my projects are made to look great but also have a backbone to last.
  • Friendship – Andrew’s Custom Woodwork isn’t about being a one-time service type of company. I want to keep working with my customers and build lasting relationships. Your satisfaction is the core of my business.


I really love what I do. Now let me show you.