Bloodwood Virage Ballpoint Pen

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Platinum Bloodwood Virage Ballpoint Pen

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Bloodwood Virage Ballpoint Pen

This pen is made with a very unique exotic wooden blank. The pen really grabs observers attention. Each pen is very unique since no two pens are alike. They are finished with a friction sealer and a wax for maximum durability and shine. These pens are a pleasure to hold and use. All of our pens are also refillable. We also do sell the ink if requested.



The Process:

Each pen is created by choosing two parts. The blank and the metal fittings. The blank is either wood or acrylic. Each blank is hand picked. It is then put on a lathe which is a wood working power tool. Then I make it round to the diameter for your pen. The metal fittings are picked and the pen is assembled.


Prices for pens are determined by two things. The metal fittings and the blank. Due to the cost variations in certain blanks the prices can change dramatically with different combinations in a pen. It all depends on the acrylic or wooden blank that is used on that pen.

Want to Customize Your Own Pen? We can do that! Please go to our contact us page and send us a message of what you are looking for. How it works is if you see a pen style that you like on our page like (Sierra, Slimline, Virage) but want a different wood or acrylic in it . We can make your very own combination. We also usually have more acrylics and woods that aren’t even posted on the store yet. Pricing may vary due to the wooden / acrylic blank and metal fittings you choose.



Since it is sometimes hard to stock all these custom items, some are made to order. That means some items are made when orders come in. Sometimes it might take a little bit of time for them to be made. For more information please send me a message in the contact us area.


Case in pictures is for display purposes. It is not included.

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